Professionals Use Candisol or Candex for Severe Yeast Infections

I was talking to a famous naturopath and nutritionist the other day, David Getoff, and asked him what he most often recommends to clients who have sugar cravings or a Candida yeast infection. His answer was Candisol, which is so mild that many people can avoid the headaches that come from the typical Herxheimer reaction that occurs when the yeast start dying off. It works because its ingredients (Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Xylanase, and Beta-glucanase) dissolve the membrane of the yeast organism, and this effectively kills it.

I used to recommend that my clients use Thorne SF722 or caprylic acid to kill yeast infections, but after trying this product I’m convinced it’s the better option because the die off reaction is so gentle and the results are better, too. Many people cannot stand the headaches and stuffy feelings they experience during the yeast die off phase (their liver detoxification pathways are overloaded at the time) so this is a superior approach. It used to be that I could get a stool analysis of someone done and the lab would even tell me which product tested best at killing off Candida or other gut infections, and then we would use that product, but since that is not available, this is what I always try. Some states, by the way, now even have laws that you cannot order a stool or hair analysis which can help your patients It’s remarkable how stupid the system has become because of vested interests trying to protect their money flows.

Candisol from Bairn Biologics is the professional (and slightly more potent) version of Candex from Pure Essence Labs, which you can buy as a consumer. I once talked to some professionals at Bairn and they told me that other companies had tried to copy their formula, since the enzyme formula is published on the bottle, but for some reason they never seem to get it to work as well. This may or may not have been a marketing line, but the truth is that this response is probably 100% correct. Unless you work in this field, it’s hard to believe that the same formula, made by different companies, can have vastly different effectiveness but it’s 100% true, and I’ve sent his dozens of times. It has to do with quality issues, the ingredients used, the sequence of production steps and so on. There are some antibiotics, for instance, that have lost patent protection and the knock off copycats just don’t work as well as the original company’s product. That’s not always the case, but in many cases it is true, and it’s not just the pharmaceutical firm trying to protect its sales.

Now some people have told me they can feel the difference even after one day’s usage of Candisol/Candex, which is remarkable. You basically take it on an empty stomach, and try to repopulate your gut with good probiotics as the die-off commences. For killing off a yeast infection, I give two thumbs up to Candisol.

If that doesn’t work, this is the other remedy I recommend which is a clinically proven Candida cure program. If you want to get rid of Candida, try everything. Your mind will feel more clear, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll probably lose weight. So this program is worth a shot since we should try to remove sugar from the diet anyway. Anytime we do that we’ll get sick less often in the first place.


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